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Massage therapy has become widely recognized as not just a relaxation method at the spa, but as a medical treatment. The Mayo Clinic defines a message as a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. There are different types of massages that are used for different situations. Listed below are 6 different massage options that Spa in The City offers.

Swedish Massage: This is one of the more gentle approaches to message therapy. It uses long and deep, kneading strokes with circular movements and vibration for relaxation and energy boosts.

Deep Tissue Massage: Using a deep tissue massage helps when you are having pain caused by tight, tense or knotted muscles. This technique uses slower, but forceful stokes to target specific areas of tightness. By using deep and forceful stokes, we are able to get to the deeper layers of muscle that are most commonly involved in injuries.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: These are the most common types of treatments that are used for those “problem areas” that we hold the most stress or tension. By targeting the back, neck and shoulders, we are able provide relief from anxiety, headaches and even some digestive disorders.

Hot Stone Massage: We use smooth Basalt stones that are heated and used to further penetrate and relax the muscles. This technique is a variation of the classic Swedish massage, but instead of using our hands to target key points on the body, we use stones.

Couples Massage: Not only can massages help reduce your stress and tension of the body, it can also be a romantic experience with your significant other. In our salon, we have couple’s rooms with two beds side-by-side for an enjoyable experience together. We offer a regular massage for 60- or 80- minutes, deep tissue massages for 60- for 80- minutes and our hot stone treatment for 60- or 80- minutes.

Prenatal Massage: Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful, yet strenuous experiences your body goes through. With a healthy and all natural massage, your body can unwind and help reduces the stress pregnancy puts on your body. This treatment will help mobility and improve circulation throughout your delicate body.

Most of our massage therapy can be received in a 60- or 80-minute session and can be scheduled either by phone or on our website. Call us at 317.635.8055 or click here to make an appointment today!

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