Hair Extension 101

Hair Extension 101

Most of us have dreamed of longer or fuller locks at some point in our hairstyle. If you’re craving a different look for the night, week, or even month(s), extensions make that desire easily achievable.

Nowadays, there is every color, length, and type of hair extension available. However, it can get tricky trying to style the look you’re going for and still have a natural appearance. Here are a few tips and tricks that will have everyone fooled by your new do!

See a professional.

Whether your hair extensions are clip-in, tape-in, sew-in, fusion or another type – let a professional trim, color and style the hair as needed. For example, if you have layered hair, your extensions should be layered as well. A good hair stylist will accurately color and shape the extensions to blend in with your natural hair. You can also ask the stylist to show you how to wear and style them on your own.

Put your extensions in upside down for the perfect up-do.

Extensions can add much more than length. For a fuller ponytail or up-do, place the extensions upside down and under a layer of hair. This will make the hair flow in the same direction and assure the extensions aren’t noticeable.

Gently tease your roots for a long lasting hold.

If you have finer hair or your extensions tend to slip, here’s your answer. Simply teasing the roots before putting the extensions in adds a secure grip. This quick and easy fix will provide the longest lasting style and add volume at the same time!

Take care of your hair.

The healthier your real hair is, the more natural your extensions will look. Wearing extensions constantly isn’t the best for your hair so take precaution with these tips: place the extensions where your hair is strongest to avoid breakage, if the extensions can be removed avoid sleeping in them, and don’t be too rough while styling. Extensions aren’t cheap so they also need to be properly cared for. Always use heat protectant on your extensions, only wash them when necessary, and avoid wearing them up in tight messy styles.

If you’re ready for a change or have any questions on our hair extensions, we’d love to give you a new look. Book a consultation or give us a call at 317.635.8055.

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