Hair-Coloring Trends to Try This Fall

Hair-Coloring Trends to Try This Fall

Anyone that frequently colors their hair knows the decision-making process can get a bit overwhelming. What color should I choose? What’s new? Will that color look good on me? These questions can be difficult to answer, especially with quickly-changing trends.

Longing for a hair change? We’ve got you covered, or should I say… colored! Here are a few new shades to try this fall:

Trend #1: Sombre
The dark roots and dipped blonde ends trend, or otherwise known as ombre, has quickly came and left. The ombre style has evolved into a new hair coloring technique this year, named the sombre, a subtle ombre. Instead of dipping the bottom half of your hair in bleach, the colorist should create faded highlights for a more blended look.

If you’re having trouble imagining it, check out these inspiring examples from Glamour: Sombre hair (bye bye Ombre!)

Trend #2: Silver hair
For decades, women and men have colored over their naturally gray hair to hide age. Not in 2015. Colorists are spending hours to get their clients the perfect hue of silver. Getting the hair to a cool blonde and rinsing with a silver toner is how this trendy new color way can be created.

Dozens of celebrities have pulled the look off including: Kylie Jenner, Dascha Polanco, Rihanna, Kate Moss and many more. Will you be next?

Trend #3: Redhead
Almost anyone can become a redhead, as long as they find the red. This can get difficult when trying to decide between strawberry blonde, ginger, copper, auburn, cherry and more. Here are 20 Gorgeous Redheads from About Style to help you pick your shade.

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