4 Top Nail Brands & What You Need to Know About Them

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One of the best accessories a woman can wear is the color on her nails. Nail color can express your mood or add an extra flair to an outfit. Nail art can reflect a personality, so picking the right color and style for you is essential. And we can help you create the perfect look!

At Spa in the City, we carry some of the top nail brands and products, which release specialty series for different occasions. Knowing what colors and brands a salon offers will help to make a bold beauty statement.

Here is a rundown of some of the brands we carry and what kinds of colors they offer:

1. OPI

OPI is one of the leading brands in professional nail care. Their brand sticks out because of their spunky colors and iconic names.

Latest collection: The Fifty Shades of Grey line was released in honor of the book and movie that will be showing on Valentine’s Day. This sensual line of nail polish is a play off of the title with four different shades of grey, along with a sexy red and a silky gold. Names such as My Silk Tie, Embrace the Gray and Romantically Involved make for a lustful nail experience. This line would be a great accessory for a Valentine’s date to the movies! Click here to learn more.

2. Essie

Essie was created for the fashionista. The sleek bottles and girly colors make Essie the most chic brand on the market.

Latest collection: Cashmere Matte has a semi-satin finish and reflective micro-pearls that add a soft color to your nails. This is a timeless color that can be worn for any occasion. Names such as Coat Couture and Spun in Luxe add to the luxurious experience of this collection. This line is made for the most sophisticated of women, so pull on that cashmere sweater and enjoy the finer things in life. Click here for more info.

3. Gel II

Gel II is a gel polish that enhances your nail experience with essential vitamins and minerals to help with nail growth and strength. This polish outshines other brands by providing a process that won’t affect your natural nails.

Latest collection: The newest addition to the Gel II family is the 2015 Carousel Spring Collection. These pastel nudes are the perfect accessories to bring on the warm weather. A soft touch of color can add the boldest effect. Click here for more info.

4. CND Shellac Power Polish

For the best shine and fastest dry time, use CND Shellac nail polish. This brand is a great alternative for acrylic or gel nails. Shellac nails can last you up to 14+ days without chipping. CND offers 79 different shades to add a designer finish to your nails. To add a professional finish, use the base coat, the power polish and a topcoat to finish it off.

CND Shellac has a color for every occasion. Click here to learn more.

To find the right nail color and art for you, visit us at Spa in the City in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Call us at 317.635.8055 or click the link below to make an appointment:

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