10 Benefits of Massage Therapy

10 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has evolved from a time to unwind to a complementary and alternative medicine because of the wide range of advantages. Massage is a powerful tool that can be used to relax the mind and body.

Some might come as a surprise to you so here are 10 benefits of massage therapy:

1. Relieves postural stress: Tends to reveal itself in the shoulders, neck or back. More advanced and prolonged postural stress will become painful. Office workers that spend most of their day sitting at a desk need to cautious of this. Scheduling regular massages will help counteract the imbalance caused from sitting.

2. Improves sleep: Massage therapy can help in times of discomfort or lack of sleep and encourage a good night of rest.

3. Soothes headaches: Massage can decrease the frequency and severity of headaches. Next time you feel a headache creeping up, book a last-minute massage to relieve the pain and tension.

4. Calms anxiety: A safe human touch is therapeutic and relaxing in times of angst.

5. Makes breathing easier: Anxiety and stress can cause constricted breathing. Massage therapy can relieve respiratory issues and promote deeper and easier breathing.

6. Increases the immune system: People with higher levels of stress tend to get sick more often than others. Regular massages can help relieve stress and naturally increase the immune system overall.

7. Enhance flexibility: Regular massage therapy will keep more fluid in your joints making them less injury prone and improving range of motion.

8. Lowers blood pressure: If you’re looking for a natural way to help lower your blood pressure, it’s time to schedule a massage. Consistent massages can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

9. Increases and improves circulation: Massage provides better blood circulation by adding pressure and moving blood through the congested areas. New blood is then able to flow when the pressure is released.

10. Manages pain of chronic conditions: Massage therapy can improve the quality of life by influencing your mood and managing the pain.

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